Monday, July 5, 2010

Bug Squash Monday

After weeks/months of not having time (and an element of procrastination!) I've set out on a bit of a long overdue bug-squashing crusade.

Obviously I've been mainly focussing on bugs within my domains of expertise, which include the animation system and some UI-stuff (excepting the spaghetti-events + internals of the widgets there). Some of these bugs have been lurking for far too long too...

Despite closing quite a few (rejecting or properly fixing them as necessary), the open bug count has stayed at some kind of taunting equilibrium: 347 bugs open! It seems that the time it takes to slay a bug is enough for one or two eager bug-hunters out there to come up with another 1-2 reports!? Bah...

Anyways, I'm off to slay a few more bugs now. Regular work on Bullet-SoC will continue tomorrow.

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