Monday, July 12, 2010

Bullet SoC - Rome wasn't built in a day...

... and neither was the Manipulator API or some of the other targets I've been working on going to be easily solvable within the space of a week.

A few quick rounds of status updates:
  • After discussions with Theeth, we now have version 2 of the Manipulator API design.
  • Coding of this has been in progress over the weekend, though this is taking a bit longer as...
  • A new term at Uni starts again today :(
  • Bullet Constraints work is going "back to the drawing board". There are some issues I need to think over again here (not to mention running into some really shabby stuff along the way)
  • Dupli-instances... grrr... if only there were an elegant way to handle these...
Hopefully there'll be some more interesting updates to come later this week... (fingers crossed)


  1. Grain by grain, the hen fills her belly.
    Continue your fantastic work!

  2. You'll get there mate. Thanks for tackling this very important project :)

  3. Avesome. Thanks for all your efforts Aligorith.