Sunday, July 25, 2010

How time flies...

Wow... another week has passed... and it's now the end of July! That means the daffodil's will soon be coming out, if snow or frost don't get to them first.

The first time I noticed was on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday), when for whatever reason, I thought it was still the 18th (it was the 21st)! Eek... then again, I never professed to being too good with remembering numbers (har har har)

SIGGRAPH 2010 also should be starting today, but it seemed that it was always 3-4 weeks away still... I mention this, as I remember Erwin from Bullet/Sony-Imageworks(?) saying that he'd be interested in doing of demo of the Blender-Bullet integration during his Bullet/Collision course. It's a pity that once again I couldn't make it yet (if only semester 2 started 3-4 weeks later ;)

In other news, this Manipulator API is starting to take a bit too long to finish! Grrr... but hopefully it'll be ready soon.

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