Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bullet SoC - Monkey Business

Just a quick video update (only one this time):

Mesh collision shapes can now be used. While it's still more efficient to use the basic primitives instead for most cases, these certainly do come in handy.

I'm currently pondering whether this should be the default mode to give more immediacy for most cases, at the expense of users needing to work harder to fine tune their results. This way, we could give some of the other 'auto' modes in other software a bit of a run for their money (literally) ;)  Comments?


  1. Awesome work man.

    p.s. will this system support simulations like swinging chains and such in the future?

  2. Awesome!!! A dream becoming real!!! It will be very nice to have this influenced by forces!!! I think it´s not possible, but... I thought that was impossible to have bullet into the viewport :)
    Your work is very important to Blender! Congratulations!!!

  3. Very nice! As I understood from the commit log this is convex hull collision shapes, will concave collision shapes be supported as well?

  4. Fantastic! Absolutly real!
    Thanks a lot. This is very important to Blender!

  5. Thanks for the positive comments everyone :)

    @ichabod: I've tested it, and it probably needs a few tweaks first. I'm currently suspecting it might need some actual face data instead of just having the vertices.

    @gustav: I'll look into it. Maybe it will be necessary...