Saturday, December 3, 2011

Link Dump - Some interesting articles...

Recently I've been doing quite a bit of reading instead of active coding in the evenings (the product of having spent the rest of the day being productive on other projects I guess). So this afternoon, on a warm sunny summer day with a slightly overheating computer (post compile), here are a list of interesting links...

The author raises many interesting points, some of which have wider reaches outside of the world of usability/"UX"/<insert-other-"labels"-here>. Quite a lengthy read - it must've been a decent length lecture!

While checking this out, I also found some of the author's other ramblings quite interesting, and written in an easy to read style.

Recognise yourself in any of these quadrants? ;)

Lol. Check out some of the other diagrams here too...

That wasn't too hard

I've always felt that Git (and some of the DVCS's) sometimes feel overly complex, especially once you start dealing with "remote" repositories. Working locally, they are really great. But dealing with external repositories confuses me (last time I tried, I think I managed to blotch up one of the two so they refused to talk to each other again), and I'm sure it'll certainly confuse the pool of not-so-technically-inclined users (aka 95% of the world's computing population) too.

However, with this complexity comes great freedom to develop your own workflows, mix-and-match workflows, and generally bash around in an interesting new playground. Perhaps it is exactly this degree of flexibility and freedom that these atomic tools lend themselves to which has made them so tricky to tidily "shoehorn" into some tidy designs which don't inherently limit the capabilities of the toolset beyond a level needed to get it understandable.


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  1. I wouldn't say I am urgency addicted. but instead I do only the things I am begged for or things that I like.
    If I spent 12 hours playing a game and aferwards my paper isn't finished and I may dropp out of some course because of it, I get those bad conscience flashes even weeks after that, but I say to myself: Atleast I wrote something.
    My Prof told me I alway will be an lazy kid and my things will only be finished too late.
    This makes me quite sad because then I might will become unemployed after my study.