Monday, April 9, 2012

Bullet Updates - 9 April

Just a few routine updates (nothing fancy this time) round...

I've just merged a few bugfixes from Sergof's branch. The highlights follow:
  • WARNING: old files may not work totally correctly as a number of settings were renamed. Namely deactivation/damping thresholds and bounciness.
  • Fixes for ranges of various properties
  • Stability fixes for removing rigid body worlds (namely ensuring that objects are removed from said dynamic worlds).
Also, merged in recent commits from SVN trunk.

I just noticed these interesting stats on an earlier update post about this... ;)


  1. I hate to say it but the bullet branch doesn't really work at all on Linux. Objects bounce at most twice (In my tests they didn't bounce at all most of the time) then fall right through the passive collision mesh. When they bounce, they bounce much higher than the height they started from and rotate wildly even though it was a cube falling flat on a plane.

    I built the branch during the 2010 GSoC, and now I'm building it on a different machine from the Git branch. I got the same error on both machines, I was probably using 32 bit Ubuntu 10.04, now I'm on 64 bit Ubuntu 11.10.

  2. Works fine here on 64-bit Arch Linux.
    If you can give simple instructions to reproduce the problem, or upload a .blend file, I'll look into it.
    Also please note that if you load old files there might be problems so make sure you start from a new file.

    1. I'm not using old files; I couldn't create anything worth saving with the old branch or the new repo. All I did was created a plane, scaled it up, moved the default cube up, set the plane as a passive rigid body, the cube as an active rigid body (With different combinations of collision shapes). I built and tested it it today and the cube bounces at most once, then falls right through the passive rigid body.

    2. Right, there is a bug with scaling objects in object mode.
      Usually rigid body simulations don't like scaling but it should be possible to work around.
      To solve it just apply scale, or scale objects in edit mode.

      Fixing this is on my TODO list, but further down the line when I take a closer look at collision shape creation.

      Hope It's not too much of a inconvenience.