Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GSoC12 and Bullet Integration Updates 24 April

This year's Google Summer of Code projects have been announced today, with the Blender Foundation getting 16 students this time round! Congrats to all the successful students, and for the newcomers, welcome to the club!

Unfortunately, owing to a heavier workload this year at Uni, I will not working on a project myself. Instead I've entering a new stage of participation in GSoC... from "the other side of the fence" so to speak.

Congrats to Sergej Reich (sergof) who'll be working on finishing and polishing up the work on Bullet Integration. Over the past few weeks Sergej has already been working on making various bugfixes and improvements, so it's going to be a great summer.

Speaking of bugfixes, I've just merged a bunch bugfixes from Sergej's branch. This includes various fixes for crashes, defaults, and other UI polish.


  1. Good luck to both of you. Hope to see Bullet integration next autumn!

  2. Hey, I'd like to listen in on these developments.
    I have some mods to constraint physics in bullet that i'd like to eventually get into blender. But I'd also be interested in code-reviewing and testing sergov's work.