Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lo and Behold - 4 Years On

According to the archives, I've been running this blog for 4 (!) years now... yay?

As regular readers may have noticed, the number and frequency of posts here has been falling for the past year or two. A number of reasons have contributed to this decline: notably the factors mentioned in my previous post, but also things like having something like 2 years of backlogged photosets after it took longer than expected to finish writing up my trip notes from HK 2012 (which ended up getting a bit out of hand in the end).

Fear not though. I've still got quite a bit of content lined up - including several on the Depsgraph refactor, NLA/Animation development plans, some proposals for fixing some big-issues in Blender, Windows hacking tips, and a backlog of collections of some of my favourite shots from the past 2 years. Working through the backlog and getting these put together is currently the bottleneck though (admittedly, the burgeoning length/complexity of some of these has been complicating this). So, in the coming months, I'll be experimenting a bit with new ways of getting these out, even if it means that some of these may only be partially complete when first published, and having these update over time as live blogs or as a series of smaller posts? We'll see...

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