Monday, June 23, 2014

Some more piano music

Just a few more short pieces/snippets of music I bashed out for fun a while back (and only recently got around to cleaning up and uploading).

Nearly all of these came about from just mashing the keys of the piano we've got lying around (it hasn't been tuned for years, and the silverfish have chewed up some of the dampeners on a few keys, which makes things "interesting"), hearing something interesting, and then trying to get these into the computer so that I can listen to these with ease later.

Of course, often, it's usually impossible to get things sounding the exact way I like these things played. Most of the time this means that:
1) The pedal should just slammed down for the whole thing (lifting halfway and then immediately back down only if we start getting dark cloudy/growling/grumbling noises from accumulating too much dissonance and bass tones),
2) Notes in general should be played by softly easing/oozing/rolling pressure onto keys (especially whenever there are already other keys being held) instead of the sharp "hammer" actions (with a clear initial attack/bite) that pianists are usually trained to do

The resultant sound effect - "suspended sound" is how I like to describe it - is quite a magical and interesting effect. Typically though, it's associated more with marimbas (I'm still quite impressed by that time a marimba player competed in the national concerto competition here, and hearing the interesting types of sounds those things can make, especially when played using soft mallets... wow)

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