Thursday, December 4, 2014

Depsgraph - Dev Fund Work

Some of the eagle eyed out there may have noticed already, but today I can finally announce that I'll be doing some dev-fund work for the next 2 months on getting the new Depsgraph up and running. I'll mainly be concentrating on areas I know all too well - namely animation, drivers, constraints, bones, and object transforms. If there's time to spare, I'll also move into hooking up the rigidbody integration and various update issues :)

An example dependency graph (just the operation nodes), from an exploration of how exactly these should be getting cued up. Prizes for guessing what this shows, and/or what some of these nodes are (HINT: this diagram is taken from a draft doc I have posted online, and captures a number of things riggers have been moaning about for ages)

I'll have more updates later when there's some actual progress to report. Expect at least one on some of the dev workflows and/or setup work that needs to be done if you're planning to play around with this (which isn't recommended at this stage yet!).

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