Friday, December 5, 2014

Depsgraph Glitches - The Eye of Blender

Presenting... "The Eye of Blender"!

... actually, just a buggy export of the dependency graph for Koro's rig file (from Caminandes). There are still heaps of dependencies which aren't getting hooked up properly still, which explains part of why this graph is degenerate in several parts.

As with all large graphs, I've ended up having to use neato (instead of dot) to get it to render without crashing after several hours of full-on crunching. One of the most interesting features though is how many sequential chains of operations there are everywhere - clearly many opportunities for parallelism abound, though many of the bugs in the system currently mean that we don't actually get very much performance just yet.

It's always surprising when glitchy software ends up creating bizzare yet surreal images. In this case, what looks like an eye (and in Blender colours too).

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  1. Thats a huge diagram, the biggest i've ever-seen. I did not see any even in creately diagramming community.