Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pretty Things - "Dressed in Dew"

Phew! It's been a hot + humid day here in Christchurch (an especially rare combination, since it's rarely humid, and fortunately not too hot either most of the time). Heck, it even warmed up again around dinner time - having cooled off to 23/25 deg C mid-afternoon from 27 around noon, it went back up to 27 after 6, and was still 22-27 in patches around 10pm!  (Even now, at 1am, it's still hovering around 20 deg C)

I imagine that the opposite probably applied when the photo below (NOT mine) was taken!

"Dressed in Dew" by Stefano Coltelli, San Miniato PI, Italy 

Seeing this, the first thing I thought of were some of the characters/scenes from the Gooseberry project ;)  It's kindof amazing how it looks like both a waitress-insect in a white skirt, and a dragonfly/butterfly at the same time!

PS: On another note, I finally got around to having some fun setting up our Christmas tree today... with lots and lots of sparkly shiny things (Yay! Tinsel + shiny baubels FTW!), a different way of getting the chain of lights on to the tree (which seems to look quite nice too, with half the effort and pain), and strangely, not quite being able to fit an entire box of ornaments (ones which I usually include, though aren't really that "essential" I guess) onto the tree this year!

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