Saturday, July 11, 2015

GPencil Dev - Stroke Sculpting Demo 1

A quick update on what I've been up to with Grease Pencil development recently...

Hopefully Mr Snowman brings a smile to your day (especially anyone currently melting from the summer heat up in the Northern Hemisphere... I'm sending up some nice cool breezes from the --5 C overnight chills we have here ;)

This demo shows off some of the new "Stroke Sculpting" tools that I've been developing as another way for editing Grease Pencil strokes. In particular, the primary impetus for this work has been to introduce a tool for smoothing strokes to remove jitter/wobbliness, kinks, jaggies, and other undesirable artifacts affecting stroke quality (especially when zoomed in). Some other tools that are a natural fit include a "Grab" brush, and a tool to adjust the thickness of strokes.

To try this for yourself, checkout the "GPencil_Editing_Stage3" branch on the

(EDIT: The crash mentioned in the video should be fixed now... It turned out that I just forgot a small change when adding a bunch of new brush types)


  1. The Demo is amazing. Congratulations.
    I want to try it out – but unfortunately, I can not get a brush for the Stroke Sculptmode – of course I am stupid. Perhaps a tip, how to get the brushes for adjusting the strokes?
    (I have the strokes, klick on the Buttons Smooth, Thicknesss, Grab – get no Brush, no Stroke Sculptmode?)



    1. Hi,

      I plan to upload another demo vid soon (there's a bunch of new stuff that would be nice to show off).

      To use the brushes, press EKEY to get a modal stroke sculptmode. Similar to the circle brush select operator, you use the hotkey to start the operator, then you can make multiple strokes by just click-dragging. Esc/RMB exits the sculptmode operator.

  2. Really nice work dude! Your GPencil updates are my favourite thing about Blender right now!!

    Hanging out for your update in the future that will allow the creation of nice inside fills :)

    1. Same here. To be honest I am going to take Blender more seriously because of its Grease Pencil

  3. Will there be gpencil's stroke sculpting tools soon?

  4. I am loving what you have done with this so far - only a minor suggestion woudl be to put the short cut for the pie menu and the sculpt edit in the tool tip for Sculpting, so hovering over it would reveal what to press to bring them up.

    I am using this a lot for making image masks in my own 2d work now, and the sculpt is great for quickly cleaning up errors that occur from drawing and 'missing' the line I was trying to draw.