Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GSoC11 - Ancient Graph Editor/Anim Channel Filtering Bug Vanquished!

At long last, one of the major bugs which has been plaguing users of the Graph Editor, [27076] F-curve Editor: Properties display does not always match the current curve selection, which you may know by some other name, has finally been dealt to. Mwahahaha!

From my commit log...
Revision: 37728
Author:   aligorith
Date:     2011-06-22 11:41:26 +0000 (Wed, 22 Jun 2011)
Log Message:

Animation Channel Filtering Refactor - Part 3 (Visibility Flag Split)

* This (big) commit is aimed at cleaning up the filtering flags used
by the animation channel filtering code. The list of filtering flags
has been growing a bit "organically" since it's humble origins for use
in the Action Editor some 3 years (IIRC) ago now during a weekend
hackathon. Obviously, some things have ended up tacked on, while
others have been the product of other flag options. Nevertheless, it
was time for a bit of a spring clean!

To see more details, see the full log at:

Or download a test build to give things a spin.

Enjoy while I head back to the trenches and slay a few more of these!

PS: I had a feeling today would be a good bug squashing day when I managed to kill a fly (one of those small 5mm-long ones which are normally quite elusive) bare handed late at night ;)

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  1. Great news!!
    I'm looking forward to this branch making it into trunk. Thank you for your hard work to better Blender for the the world over.