Saturday, June 4, 2011

GSoC11 - FModifier Range Masks

I've just committed an experimental feature in my SoC branch which let's you specify the frame ranges which F-Modifiers are applied for. This allows for interesting effects such as:
What you're seeing here are two Noise F-Modifiers on a single F-Curve. The first is an amplified high frequency one, and the second, a low frequency one.

Using this feature, it is now possible to for example have different noise-profiles for different parts of the curve, which makes it possible to do animate camera shake for example.

This is kindof a workaround for not being able to keyframe these and perhaps also the fact that these can't be chained together in some nodal workflows where the Limits F-Modifier may have been of a bit more use for such manipulations.

Nevertheless, I'm keen to see how useful this turns out to be.


  1. Wow! That`s a feature I`ve wanted since I started using modifiers.
    Can you code a frame range to ramp in and ramp out the modifier?
    That would make F-Modifiers so much more useful to me.

  2. waaa! get this in trunk! thanks :D looks awesome!

  3. I'd still LOVE to be able to animate through keyframes the F-modifiers parameters...

    Is animating through keyframes completely impossible (due to Blender's arquitecture) or is lack of time to develop this feature?

    I use a lot F-modifiers to create camera shakes and even much more complex automatic animations like a butterfly flapping its wings and to bring some "chaos" to the fly... And being able to animate parameters like frequency and amplitude of waves/noises would be awesome.

  4. !!!!! Awesome feature!!! Would aprpeciate the ability to have a sine/quad fade-in & fade-out option(with duration setting ability) for the fade in and out of the particular FMOD.
    IMO, You're getting into an area here that will (moreso)bring Blender into the more advanced dynamic animation toolset-area. Having the ability to drive these values with drivers too(and nodes soon hopefully!) is gonna be GREAT!!!! Thank you for your diligent work on maturing Blender's animation toolset.

  5. Wow !!!!
    I need it !!!!