Saturday, June 4, 2011

Re: GSoC11 Poll #1

Thanks for all the responses!

It seems that we have some a consensus on many of the issues already:
1) Fake Users are now GONE (as default for newly created actions)!

3) It sounds like the current mapping (keyframes only on normal BKEY select) is the favoured option. So, no changes there.

4) Wow! It's great to hear that it is actually in widespread use. Don't worry, I won't be removing it. Instead, I think I might need to post some docs on it sometime soon, since when I checked a few days ago, there were no results for it anywhere.

It also seems that there are mixed opinions about the pasting behaviour (2). From the responses so far, there are 3 main points:
  • There are basically too camps: "Frame Start + Overwrite Range" and "Mix"/Default
  • The fact that this operator has such options needs to be made more obvious in some way
  • We could do with some way of specifying default preset that you can configure locally


  1. YAY, no more fake users by default. I might note though, on the rare occasions I am creating just for a pose library, it would be nice to have a preferences checkbox to make that the default behaviors(if it doesnt cause too many issues long term in development).

  2. P.S., regarding number 4:
    I would really enjoy a visual feedback of the various paste options, without needing to hit F6(maybe the operator panel, or a new actions side panel, etc).

  3. This is off topic, but since we're speaking of animation tools, I'd like to ask if blender has a selection set tool. When animating, I like to use selection sets to easily select custom groups of rig controls.

  4. @jcarter: Keying Sets will probably be able to help you there (certainly they're what i use a lot, coming from 3DS Max). They're actually more helpful too, as it's easier to specify which property you wish to key - plus you can load and save them between different files, always a bonus.

  5. Thanks Tam, but I don't necessarily want to set keys on my selections. I just want a convenient way of, say, selecting just the facial controls of a rig. Or maybe just the hand controls, so that I can grab both hands and move them around together. I'm so used to this in Maya that I feel very con stained and slow in blender without this feature. Any suggestions on a similar feature in blender that I can use?