Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PyGtk Tip - Spin Buttons and Misbehaving Arrows

Just a quick tip for something that I finally found the answer to after searching fruitlessly for for a while.

If for whatever reason the arrow buttons aren't behaving - as in, they won't do anything when you click on them normally, but will start zooming off increasingly fast when click+holding them - then you need to set "step_increment" on its "adjustment" object (a value of 1.0 for this serves most purposes well).

For all the failings (IMO) of Gtk, at least the "adjustment" object design is an example of one thing that they did right over other toolkits. I like this, since I've found that it makes it ridiculously easy to simply hook up all the various widgets that may be displaying a numerical value so that they update correctly when the others change, all without the need to write many tedious flushing event callbacks.

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