Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcoming in the New Year

This year, the fireworks display for New Year was in Hagley Park, the first time in over a decade. This meant one thing: fireworks visible from our yard (without having to contend with drunks ready to smash your windows at any moment in time).

I'm still experimenting with settings for getting nice shots of these. This time around, these were all hand held, since with my last attempt at using the tripod, I ended up bumping the legs each time, and not really getting any decent results.

IIRC, the settings were using manual, and were something along the lines of f/9.0, 2 sec (everything else) or 1/30 sec (first two). Still, ended up with a bit too much blowout on the actual colourful stuff, so probably need to try a different approach next time.


Over the past few nights, we've been having some really colourful sunsets, which have been really nice to see.

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