Monday, August 4, 2014

Getting the itch...

It's been a long time since I've felt "the itch" - that burning desire to do some real graphics coding which spurred the weekend-long hackfest resulting in Spline IK for Blender, or starting down the road which ended in Blender being the first publicly available animation package (we were pipped only by DigitalFish) to have a builtin & integrated Grease Pencil tool. (Incidentally, it's not too much of a coincidence that I mention these two projects, since they have certain links to what's brewing...)

Perhaps it's been the warm, sunny, and positively summery weather we've been having the past few days (spoilt only a bit by the braindead moronic lowlife thuggish bastardly boorish yoof-slobs we have as neighbours, who decided to have an unattended open fire burning away under their barbeque on Saturday night, mere meters away from our fence and house, with occasional strong gusts of wind still picking up from time to time, forcing a change of dining plans to keep a cautious eye out on their activities lest there be any 'accidents'). Or maybe it was watching the steady stream/flurry of new hairsim development commits coming through my mailbox over the past week.

Regardless of the cause, I'm now itching to get back to a project I hold dearly. This is especially true now, having come across any exciting new paper, which lays out the groundwork for getting past one of the issues which had stumped me on my previous attempt. It's now so much closer to being a reality... I just hope/wish I can siphon enough time out of my research commitments to work on this... Argh! The creative tension is killing me!

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