Friday, July 22, 2011

GSoC11 - Animator Poll #4 - Theme Colours

It's time for another poll. While I'm still working through the results from previous polls, here are some more things I'd like some feedback on, which will (depending on the result) be included on my todo-list of stuff to bunch together for a single defaults-file update.

1) Colour of Current Frame Indicator
As from the screenshots you're probably seen in previous posts of my blog, I've been trialling using a red time indicator (the traditional Blender one is green). After a while, I have to admit that it kind of grows on you. So, should we keep the old green colour, or move towards the red that I've been using?

2) Handle Colours
At the end of the day, this probably won't change to keep consistency with the 3d view, but the colours of the lines for the keyframe handles are perhaps not that clear. Thoughts on whether a new set of colours is needed here, and/or what they might be?

3) Active/Selected F-Curve in Graph Editor - do we need to highlight this better, perhaps using a white glow behind it, or go the Maya route and just highlight it in white?


  1. 1) the traditionalist in me says keep it green...
    2) I don't mind the colors as they are, and they do give you an idication of the type of handle... the only exception being 'auto-clamped' which doesn't have an equivalent and maybe could get a subtly different color, like a whiter yellow?
    3) I love glows :)

  2. Make the handles different color than the keyframe. It's hard to know what is what on dense keyframed curves

  3. 1) make it themable?
    2) Colors are fine
    3) Eh...glow could be even worst probably.

  4. 1: a themable color would be most welcome.
    2: the current colors are acceptable, though again, the ability to theme them would be great.
    3: I'd definitely appreciate any means of highlighting the active/selected f-curve, the Maya method, or a glow will work. Though the Maya route will likely look cleaner.

  5. 1. Green color is good. Keyframes must be red.
    2. I think hanldes must be the same color as F-Curve.
    3. I like glows too :) but understand that its impossible right now. I wish to have active F-Curve more thicker and more accurate drawn. Don't know why, but F-Cuves are become broken on close examination