Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sintel Pose Tests - Playing around with modified rig...

Just playing around with a heavily modified Sintel Lite Rig...


  1. on last pic Sintel's hand seems to be too big comparing to her head :)
    And... where can we get this blend to play with?

  2. Hey Aligorith,

    Other than the obvious visual hands, feet, textures outfits and hair (no small effort in themselves) was there any major changes you made to the actual rigging setup?

    I still plan to update the Sintel Lite rig to work with new Blender versions if need be without major changes, but if you've added 'feature X' to the controls that make something heaps more intuitive then it would be nice to know.

    Either way, nice to see the files are still getting use around the place.


    @selecta - the basic one is available at so long as you pick the one for the version of Blender you are using.

  3. @Ben, I known as Shader2 on :)
    and I am trying to learn character animation using your Sintel Lite rig (thanks a lot for it).

    @Aligorith or @Ben, maybe you can say how I can enable hair dynamics in Sintel Lite? I have created basic walkcycle and it is pretty cool, but hair does not moving at all :(

  4. Ben:
    Nah, haven't got around to that yet (I probably removed some extra bones that were still there for props etc. that didn't exist in the file anymore though, but that would've been a while ago). Something I've been planing for a while now are experiments with the facial rig.

    The hair was actually quite a pain to get into the styles shown here.

  5. As a side note, I've been pondering the need/feasibility of a tool to transfer texturing info from one mesh to another, where there's a lot of similar topology, but different UV mappings between these meshes.

  6. For sure, I've messed with the hair settings before. Was just curious if there were under the hood changes.

  7. Reminds me of my youngest daughter.