Friday, July 22, 2011

More Sintel Posing Fun

Experimenting with camera angles and backgrounds...

The hair has been causing a bit of problems in these shots - especially in the last two, where I ended up cutting and/or re-combing it because the lower parts which intersected the body mesh were somehow appearing on the front side as some unsightly brown shadowy patches/strands. Dunno why this didn't seem to be a problem in the past, but it's certainly quite noticeable whenever the head tilts back.

Also, the positioning of the arm in the second shot looks a bit odd now. It was quite hard to get it in a pose which didn't look too unnatural/awkward. But, then again, it was getting late at night when I did that ;)


  1. You know... At this moment I am trying to animate Sintel where she is lifting very-very-very heavy stone. And I think her "big" hands are not so big, espesially when she trying to embrace that stone to lift it up.
    I faced old problem again. FK-IK switching. It is not possible with traditional Visual Keying, so I am not pleased to work with this rig, but model...
    Model is just fine :)))

  2. I like the smile and pose on the first render. Very genuine and real. She has some ugly expressions though.