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FAQ - F-Curve Grouping Inconsistencies

This was originally posted in response to a bug report, but I thought it would be interesting to many other people, if only to document why things are so.

As Sambler writes:
I have found some inconsistency relating to keyed data showing up in the dopesheet/action editor/graph editor.

In the 3dview if you insert a keyframe it shows up in the dopesheet -

For an object all data keyed by set will go into a group (say location). keying another set of data creates a new group (rotation) If you go to the object properties and insert keyframes for scale they show up as individual lines not grouped together at all.

For a bone, keying location creates a group for the bone containing the location data. Adding another key for rotation brings that new data into the existing bone group. But if I go into the bone properties and key the scale properties they show up in the dopesheet as individual lines.

So it would appear that keying by a predefined set in the 3dview groups the data, keying a set for a bone groups the data by a bone group, but keying in the properties panel is not considered a keying set so enters unrelated keyed data.

FAQ - When should I insert keyframes?

Subtitle: And what can Blender do to help me with this?
(This was originally written as a response to a question on BlenderArtists)

There are basically two schools of thought about how/when to keyframe...

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Return of the SIlvereyes

The bottlebrush outside my window started flowering again a few days ago, and that means one thing: silvereye season is in full swing again (even if not all the flowers are open, or even fully open yet!)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Double Rainbow

Last night we were treated to a double rainbow!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Themeable Axis Colours

It is now possible (as of r.52026) to customise the axis colours as part of your theme. The main benefit is that now you can tweak these colours so that they are more visible than the old hardcoded ones (a bit of an annoyance of mine with the old colours used). For example:

 Default colours - Note how badly the dark blue tends to fade into the background.

A "softer" set - These are all a bit more visible (and are in fact closer to some of the ones I've seen in other software)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Growth and Renewel in Christchurch

Over the weekend, I spent time out getting some exercise and time away from screens. Heck, I even spent time in a supermarket for the first time in months XD. Here are some pics from around the city of things that have been popping up around the place.

A mural and makeshift garden that's popped up along Riccarton road after a cluster of shops were abruptly demolished a few months ago.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Free at last!

From October 2012

Finally all of my coursework and my honours project thesis are all completed!