Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grease Pencil Paper Accepted to Siggraph Asia 2015

I'm proud to announce some exciting news! My paper (with pepeland as co-author) about our work on Grease Pencil has been accepted to Siggraph Asia 2015!  Woohoo!!!

Siggraph Asia 2015 will be held in Kobe, Japan from November 2-5.  I'm excited to be attending and presenting my first paper at an international conference :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Computational Photography - Removing reflections and obstructions from images

This evening, I stumbled across some amazing work that was presented at Siggraph 2015. I'll let the video do the talking :)

For all photographers out there, this is an awesome development (even if it does need a series of images, or a video stream to function). If you're anything like, me, you'll probably have your fair share of images ruined by unsightly reflection/glare nastiness (my current pet peeve is the sun striking the windscreen from a shallow angle... it's totally impossible to get rid of, from all the ways I've tried!), or maybe there are some shots with some pesky fences in the way...

Now, all that we're still missing is a method to reliably remove camera shake given a single input image (or maybe 2 if we're lucky :). I've got a nice collection of sample images from before I got my 7D that were ruined by that blasted stuff...

Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to get hold of a demo of this code too in the meantime ;)  Hehehe

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Watch This Space...

A little animation test with Grease Pencil this evening for fun :)

(It's a pity about the video quality. The FFMPEG settings in Blender really need a good shakeout as the ones we've got now are completely unusable!)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Joel Spolsky - "You Suck at Excel"

This afternoon, I came across an interesting link (warning 1 hour long) to a talk discussing some really handy tips for making the most of Excel - you know, that thing you may have used to make silly gridded layouts with ions ago...

For me, these are particularly timely/relevant tips, as next week I'll be teaching a lab of undergraduates (actually, two streams in one day) on how to make use of performance modelling techniques to compare different UI designs.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blender Dev WIP - Sneak Peek of Some Exciting Tech

At long last, it's taking shape...