Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Over the weekend, the weather here was really nice, with the spring flowers in full bloom...

Cherry Blossoms on Harper Ave
On about the second weekend of every year, the cherry blossoms bordering Hagley Park put on a brilliant show of magical fluffiness. This year, we seemed to catch them at peak fluffiness (though by the Sunday, when most of these pics were taken, the blossoms had already begun to fade a bit).

There were quite a lot of people out and about enjoying the blossoms, walking along the path beside the road under the blossom canopy...

Across the road, there's a small park-like area, where there are impressive fields of daffodil and snowdrops in spring. For many years, I've driven past this area in spring, making a mental note to come and try to take photos of the daffodils there. Finally I managed to do this at last this year!

 My favourite daffodil shots

My personal favourite daffodils are those with the yellow petals and orange inner bits. The all-yellow ones look a bit too much, while the white ones (that we have in our garden) are a too pale/weak looking.

Daffodils, daffodils, everywhere

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