Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Food Macros Photos

Here are some highlights from recent months, starting from most recent. Apologies in advance for any hunger pangs which this may incite... ;)

Mum's Tofu and Surimi Soup - A recent and very tasty invention :)

Carrots and celery cubes being boiled - This. Is. So. Amazing. To. Watch!  In fact, watching water boil is actually quite fascinating, as it turns out to be quite violent yet beautiful and photogenic (I'd highly recommend getting one of those clear glass kettles and seeing this for yourself some time).

Now, if you add small vege cubes to the mix, you get a really surreal setup, where the cubes appear to dance and float around in slow motion (Note - I shot some video footage of this which looks pretty cool... The news was also playing in the background, which gave it a slightly creepy atmosphere which would work really great as an opening shot for a horror flick about some kind of murderer or something ;)


Mmmm.... Freshly baked chocolate muffins, topped off with lightly grilled walnuts. Yum!  (Psst... They smell even better!)


Summer fruit - Some of the strawberries in our garden over the summer (it was quite a long season this year, stretching from early December or so till late February)


More Muffins - Mum really likes putting walnuts on these, and/or blueberries!

Douple Happiness - Some shots of those rare double-yolk eggs you get sometimes :)


Mum's Potato Fritters (Not really a recent photo) - I could've sworn I've posted this one in the past, but if I had, I can't find it. So, while we're on the top of tasty food, here's one more goodie :)

Hungry Yet?

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