Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Macro Food - Summer Time Food (2012 - 2013)

I've been meaning to post these for a long time, but a growing backlog of unposted shots, a desire to keep things chronological and timed to display at appropriate times, and "because life" have transpired to delay these. Well, since it's now officially the start of summer in the northern hemisphere, I guess this is a good enough excuse!

While scooping out some melon balls to go with a dessert, I noticed that the hollowed out melon shell had quite an alien-looking glassy look that would make a great shot!

Playing with your food - Broccoli River
Regardless of what you thought about eating broccoli as a kid (personally, I loved it, but apparently that's because our broccoli here in Canterbury is nice and fresh, versus the dehydrated and deteriorating corpses you get in inland parts of the states), you'll probably have found yourself thinking at some stage that they looked awfully like trees or forests. Well, that's exactly the situation I found one day when looking at some heads of broccoli soaking in the sink:

These look like some hilly terrain covered in trees, with a river running between them - in an abstract food-art kind of way. Neat eh?

Who doesn't love some big juicy red tomatoes?

These little air bubbles formed on the surface of the tomatoes. They have a strange, metallic look to them, like little mercury blobbies or something.

This is especially true when they are basking in the warm glow of afternoon sun...

The same applies for juicy plums...

An Experiment Gone Wrong!
This was some kind of experiment where we tried to combine expired jello and milk or something like that...

Scrambled egg brains anyone?

Prawn Crackers
If you've ever dined at a Chinese restaurant, these need no further introduction :)

Crunch! *crackle* *crackle*  

Not exactly summertime cuisine, but food nevertheless!

Dish 1 - Red capsicum and chicken stir fry. I'm not that fond of capsicums myself (eating too many tends to give a gassy, "queasy-empty" feeling).

Dish 2 - Pork with "1,2,3" sauce (soy sauce, a bit of sugar, and a bit of vinegar of some sort). The sauce is really tasty (but also a bit strong), and goes really nicely with just plain rice :)

Other bits and pieces
Pock-marked rice - When cooked, rice often has these small holes on the top, as if some birds have been digging around for worms!

Green Capsicum

Feeling Hungry Yet?

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