Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GSoC11 - Animation Channel Refactor under way at last

The long-postponed animation channel filtering refactor is finally underway!

First up, some visible changes: as per this post, I've removed the list-expanders for materials/particles/textures, which should make it easier/less frustrating to get to the animation data for these entries.

Next up, will be a more radical internal cleanup of the general structure of the code to make it easier to maintain. At the same time, I'll also be looking at fixing some of the issues which had been leading to the infamous problems with "active" channels hiding in collapsed groups, etc. (*fun stuff* ;)

BTW, the eagle-eyed out there may notice that I'm currently experimenting with (local theme only) using red for the current-frame indicator vs green. This seems to be more common in other apps, though I'm not sure whether it really stands out that well. We'll see...


  1. this is great! i hope someday blender will be used everywhere.
    by the way, Aligorith, I have found "Keyframe type" option in Dopesheet.
    And I don't know what these words are mean: Keyframe, Extreme, Jitter and Breakdown.
    They only color rombs in Dopesheet in different colors.
    Maybe they implement some more functionality?

  2. Hi selecta,

    The "keyframe type" option is only really some visual fanciness which doesn't have any functional implications other than being a visual aid to help with keeping track of the purposes of your keyframes.

    The names are derived from terminology frequently used by traditional 2d animators for labelling their keyframes, and represent the typical types of labels which these could be used to apply to keyframes for those who are familiar with (or like to work in) such a manner.

    Hopefully that helps :)

  3. hey ali, have to say I'm a 'green' keyframe indicator fan personally!