Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Tip - Filter by Name in Animation Editors

Just a quick tip about the animation editor filtering options which you may/may not be aware of, but which came up in #blendercoders this evening.

(I can't remember whether I've documented this before, so I might as well do so now; repeating this for anyone who may have missed it the first time may do some good anyway)

Sometimes you may want to only view the F-Curves and/or groups with a certain name (i.e. "Y Location" or "Restrict View") across multiple objects. However, there are many other curves on these objects, which may make it harder to see the ones you want.

Fortunately there's a filtering option for this exact problem:
On the header, wedged between the generic filtering options (cursor = selected, ghost = include hidden, and lifesaver-ring = broken/disabled channels) and the datablock filtering options (the "+ Filters" toggle; when expanded, this allows excluding specific datablock types from the DopeSheet and Graph Editor lists) is the "filter by name" toggle (i.e. the magnifying glass).

This just takes a case insensitive snippet of text that it will try to find within the (display) names of matching F-Curves and/or Groups. That is, only F-Curves and Groups which contain the text you've provided somewhere in their name (i.e. it doesn't have to be strictly from the start or end - it can be halfway through another word for example) will get displayed.

For example, in the screenshot above, I only want to see the keyframes related to the visibility of all the cubes in the scene (i.e. I'm not interested in the location ones just yet). So, I toggle the filter-by-name option, and by typing one of the following (without the ""'s) - "restrict", "view", "restrict view", "Restrict View", etc. - it will filter the list to only show the ones I'm interested in.

(For the record: No, this does not take regrex expressions or wildcards, and there are no plans to introduce that sort of complexity anytime soon)

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