Friday, July 18, 2014

Stop the Madness!

The events of the past few months, and especially those which have occurred over the past 24 hours are deeply troubling. Stop the madness! When will us humans learn to stop slaughtering each other in the name of one or other ideological differences?!

Just because another group of people don't subscribe to your particular beliefs about there being "one true <insert-divine-figure-here>" is not an excuse to wage war against them. Violence motivated by or questionably "justified" by religious/sectarian differences, or that fuelled by excessive/unchecked nationalistic "my thingy is bigger/better/stronger than yours" arrogance (which essentially boils down to the childish posturing by cliques of 5-star generals holed up in secretive underground bunkers who have to find a way to justify their multi-billion dollar budgets each year), and in the name of claiming and grabbing territory that was "rightfully" theirs, has no justifiable place in the world. None. Zilch. Nada.

It's especially despicable when civilians and other innocent bystanders inevitably get caught up in the crossfire. Whatever your original motivations, when innocents are harmed/killed/maimed/forcibly displaced or imprisoned in the fog of war, regardless of which side is responsible, both sides are in the wrong. No single side can claim that they still have any semblance of a moral highground for any of the actions which follow. War is War. War != Good + Justified.

EDIT: Today's Google Doodle has a nice take on this

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  1. If you've never seen the Errol Morris documentary "The Fog of War" I think you might find it an interesting take on this topic.