Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Collection of Batteries

Over the weekend, we cleared out our stash of old/dead batteries, which we'd been storing up to dump in one go, since IIRC there are various restrictions on where/how you can dispose of them.

While some of these are ones we use regularly (i.e. the yellow+blue+red Panasonic Alkalines are great for use with my shaver - they last longer than the rest I've tried, and the silver + blue Energizer Ultimate Lithiums are used with our crappy + power hungry Point and Shoot), many of the other specialty ones have often been supplied with various remotes (i.e. the Sony ones - with our TV's, the Toshiba ones, the Chevron, and the Xkd).

Then there are the specialty big "D" sized batteries for the lint shaver (though that had a serious design flaw in that the lid for the battery compartment was too weak, and would frequently just pop off every other moment, especially right in the middle of using it!) Another notable one is the Energizer with the "test" strip - those were quite funky...

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