Friday, October 23, 2015

GPencil - Development Updates (Sculpting Update 2)

A little demo of some of the new features available in the GPencil_Editing_Stage3 branch since the Stroke Sculpting update.

EDIT - My Windows 64-bit (mingw64) build of the branch. Everyone else will need to compile their own:

I'd been meaning to post another update about the new stuff that's going on, but I've been tied up with other things, so I only got around to it now. Unfortunately this time I don't have any art or backing track to go along with the video... just rough sketches I blocked out quickly to have something to look at!

(Annoyingly, the video quality is still not good enough with the built-in screencasting stuff, despite tweaking the hell out of it this time. Do note that anything that looks quite quick and skittish was probably a bit slower in real life).

1) Stylus tip and eraser can now be mapped directly in keymaps, so you can bind these to GPencil draw and erase

2) GPencil editing now works like any other mode in the 3D view - complete with mode selector, select and edit menus, etc.

3) D+E Pie menu now provides direct access to quickly change brushes

4) E + LMB  is the new non-modal sculpting hotkey combo. Works just like D + LMB

5) Onion skinning toggle now available in header

6) New default colours for before and after ghost colours

7) New brush: "Clone"

8) M = Move selected strokes to layer  (new or existing)


  1. Here are some suggestions for the grease pencil tool for lineart (cleanup drawing) workflow:

    1. STABILIZER to the brush (slows down the brush movement for easier line smooth strokes)
    If you add a stabilizer to the grease pencil brush, it would become useful for inking as well. The stabilizer is akin to zbrush's lazybrush mode where your cursor gets slower than the stylus speed.

    For example lazynezumi adds this exact feature to software that does not have it:

    Inkscape has it in the form of the "mass" value for the calligraphy tool.

    tvpaint has it as the "smooth" value for the brush..

    Krita has it as "smoothing":

    This would be useful for blender's brush engine in general - for both sculpting and texture painting as well.

    2. Vector eraser : To illustrate what a vector eraser does, please look at this image from clip paint:
    It's useful for cleaning up lineart that overshoots - which happens very often

    3. Bucket tool - to easily create color fill shapes on another layer or the same layer.

    1. 1) I'll look into it. Admittedly, I've never really understood the appeal of these sort of things, but then again, I can't really stand doing careful inking work either XD Haha

      2) That's quite an interesting tool. Shouldn't be too hard to include. What is it most useful for?

      3) Noted.

  2. Can several stroke merged into one? Some artist (like me) sometimes strokes several times on sketching to get the correct shape, and using both Stroke+Fill will get a blotchy fill result. I was hoping that feature could help fill the stroke as a whole.

    1. I've been thinking about some ideas for doing that. It'll probably happen alongside some other improvements of the fill tool :)

  3. Brilliant as ever!!! Can't wait to test it out.

  4. Hey.... thanks for the test build!
    after testing
    i find out that the proportional editing not works in this build!?cool if its work also!
    second if you make changes manipulate strokes using the sculpt tools anim keys canot be set!?recorded
    in a older test build from graphicall it works:
    would be cool if its work!

    1. Thanks for testing!

      1) It seems to be working for me? How can I reproduce this bug?
      2) Good catch! Fixed in the branch now :)

    2. Thank you @Aligorith for the build (I think you saw what I wrote on a youtube channel about getting a build for GreasePencil.

      By the way, the proportional editing is working fine here (win8.1)
      Everything seams fantastic!
      I am glad you are working on this.

      And if you intend to do tutorials for making small animations like the ones on pepeland page, I will be pleased to donate to you, or buy the tutorials...

      Thank you

  5. hello aligorith wen I sketch fast I get faceted stroke like polygon not a smooth stroke

  6. Hi.

    Not sure if you know this but on the TIMELINE, in GreasePencil MODE, it is not possible to Grab the Keyframes

    Thank you

    1. Forget it... I just realized that I have to be in OBJECT MODE in order to grab the keyframes.