Monday, April 15, 2019

3 Pieces for Christchurch - March 2019 - #WeAreOne

A month ago today on 15 March 2019, a deadly terrorist attack was unleashed upon two mosques in my hometown, Christchurch NZ. Inspired by and in response to the outpouring of emotion in the wake of this horrific event, I wrote a whole bunch of music during this time - I guess partly as a coping mechanism in the wake of each day's events. From these pieces, I've picked the following three as they fit well together under the general theme of healing for a broken community.

1) City by the Sea  - This piece came to me while lying in bed at 4am on March 23rd. Written with an image of a hilly outcrop covered in tussock grass overlooking the Pacific Ocean, while watching the bustling comings and goings of a city peacefully going about its daily business.

2) In Memorium - Written one week after the attacks happened, the emotion of the call-to-prayer and two minutes of silence still raw and fresh in my mind, this piece was written reflecting on the mass loss of life that had occurred and how so many innocents had been caught up in these events.

3) Community (originally titled, "Mourning") - This was written 2-3 days after the shooting, as details of the full extent of the death toll started to sink in, and the whole country rallied together in a massive outpouring of collective grief, love, and acceptance.

Kia kaha, Ko tatou tatou, #WeAreOne

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