Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exams Over + Other News

At long last, exams (and thus the uni year) are over at last! Yipee!

So, this means that I finally have time to work on various projects again. Including...
  • Completing the Bullet Integration work
    • Baking and Scrubbing (Pointcache support)
    • Checking on Ragdoll support
    • Rigid Body Constraints
    • etc.
  • Making another attempt at the Manipulators API
  • Finishing off loose ends in 2.5 Animation System
  • A few other coding projects that I won't reveal yet

Speaking of Bullet work, Eversimo has uploaded another Force Fields demo.

Aligorith Blender Branch - Bullet Integration 02 from Everton Schneider on Vimeo.

Keep up the cool work dude!

As for stuff to look forward to here, I've got lined up:
  • A few articles on various topics ranging from the history of Grease Pencil development in Blender, to Keying Sets and how to use them
  • A series of posts on a little Blender project I've been working on on the side over the past few days...
So, stay tuned!


  1. Nice video, unfortunately it's never been stable enough for me to do anything like that :(

    Looking forward to those improvements though! Will be awesome.

  2. wow looking forward to all this... And the suspense :)

  3. Looks pretty pawnage.
    Keep up the good work btw =)