Monday, November 15, 2010

Ducklings Extravaganza

The weather over the first half of the weekend was really nice, that it would be a shame if I didn't try to take advantage of it and take some more photos. However, since the silvereyes have still not showed up in my garden within lens-range as the bottlebrush is still not totally flowering yet, and I was sick of seeing or shooting the blackbirds which have begun to rule our garden, it was time to take some more duck (and specifically duckling) photos!

These were some of my favourite shots, but there were some other cute ones...

A story of a little duckling scared of hopping in the water...

Ooh... where's mommy taking us now

Lining up

Err... I'm not sure I want to hop in there

Muuum! *sob* Do I have to?

There there... it wasn't that bad now, wasn't it

Actually, these are just taken (out of order) from a series of shots I took while sitting on the riverbank in the sun, as close as I could get to the ducks without scaring them.

I also got a few shots of some adult ducks that I did as warmups, which also turned out quite well I think.
What a difference it makes when you can get close to them (or rather, they come to you). Also, while I struggled with choosing the right white-balance for the rest of the shots (Auto-WB tends to look a bit too blue in general for my taste, but it's challenging when moving from bright mid-afternoon sun to shady areas frequently), "Shade" worked really nicely here...

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