Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blender 2.63 Released

At long last, the "mythical BMesh" has finally come to fruition, and is finally included in an official release at last.

Animation-wise, there aren't really any big new things in this release (really, this was the long-awaited "modelling release", with mesh modelling and sculpting improvements across the board). Having said that, there are a few notable changes:
  • Absolute Shape Keys are back - Admittedly, there have been times when I've questioned their worth, not to mention always being confused by a few quirks they had (the 0-100 range for instance). Nevertheless, for whoever uses these, they're back for your enjoyment again.
  • Keying Sets play nice with translations (and now have an additional "description" property too)
  • Current frame indicator on Motion Paths was drawn incorrectly when it wasn't outside the viewable range.
  • Clamp To Constraint now uses a more efficient method for calculating part of the position lookups

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  1. Hi Aligorith,

    I have a question about driver modifiers:

    in the docs:


    In this example, we are going to control the size of the well-known monkey head (Suzanne) with the Y-location of the Empty driver. So, we Add Driver to the three ScaleX, ScaleY and ScaleZ channel of the Suzanne object[B] (as usual, if there is no curve yet, it is automatically created). Note that for now, there is no curve, so Blender applies a one-to-one mapping, as if there was virtual unitary gradient linear curves ([/B]materialized as yellow dashed lines in the pictures below). This also illustrates that you can use the same driver property (here, the Y location) for several different drivers…[/QUOTE]

    can you think of a way to work around this problem of only 1 to 1 linear mapping between driver and modifier? I need a method to draw a non-linear curve and use that as a modifier to my driver.

    thanks! Any suggestions would be appreciated

    FYI: this is my post to the forum