Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hooray! Back again...

Yay! After an eventful 48 hours, I've finally gotten the last of the big remaining hurdles for this year over and done with, leaving me with more time to spend working on fun projects again :)

Some of our Slim Whitman daffodils from a few months back :)

Sometimes, everything just needs to happen at once (or in quick succession).

In this case, it was a midday driving test on Tuesday, and a mid-term exam early on Wednesday morning. Throw in a good dose of rain (beginning an hour before the test started, reaching a peak during the exam, and petering out 30 minutes later), sleep deprivation (from a combination of late night preparations, an earlier-than-normal morning start, and as well as some bizarre half-waking insomnia) the following day, and a well hidden/insulated exam room hidden inside a staff-only stationary cupboard, and you have a recipe for some very crazy times.

Fortunately, both of these ended up turning out very smoothly in the end :D

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