Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Matching Colour Food Macros

Here are some food macros from yesterday. It's interesting how so many complimentary coloured things happened to be around to be conveniently added to these shots.

Mmm... those strawberry muffins smelled as good as they looked!

As a followup, later in the day, we cracked open an egg, only to find that it had a double yoke...

With the egg in the yellow (lion) egg cup holder, it went well with the yellow flowers and lemons from our garden. These 5 lemons are the largest crop of lemons we've harvested from our lemon bush after all these years (and in fact, a bit prematurely, as I found only after I'd started yanking them off!). By coincidence, all of these things happened to be in the kitchen at the same time, making for some nice shots:

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