Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year everyone from Christchurch!

This year, I headed off to watch the new year fireworks, standing in the middle of Hagley Park.

Although we were standing in the middle of the makeshift car park (one of the great reasons to live here in Christchurch is that 3 times a year, you get to drive around on the grassy fields of the biggest public park in the city in the dark!), it turned out to be great vantage spot to see the fireworks: far enough away to be able to see the whole thing without craning your neck, yet close enough to feel the size of the things :) Woohooo!

 The first fireworks of the new year!

For perspective, the shiny bits in the foreground are rows of cars

Clusters of firworks - They almost look some kind of crazy golden hairball

I've got video footage of these too (captured absentmindedly of course - once I'd framed it up, it's of course better to experience these firsthand). At the moment, I haven't decided whether I'll cut those clips together and upload them sometime, since there are some gaps in the footage where I stopped to take a few stills (i.e. my favourites up above the break).


For dinner, we went to the Garden Court restaurant at Chateau on the Park (one of the fancier hotel complexes around the place). After all these years, this was the first time I've been there. I dunno whether it was the air freshener they used, or just walking around a hotel and taking pictures of stuff on my new phone after dinner, but it almost felt like we'd just been back from a short trip/vacation away! Photos from that outing coming soon (once I transfer the photos over) :)

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